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Gardening was never so easy before in INDIA

Metropolitan citizens have to no more worry about gardening in their small spaces and houses where the space is insufficient for their own self, plant lovers always suffer a lot when it comes to living in petite spaces in cities, well they no more have to worry about it because ‘trust basket‘ have the perfect solution to all those in need
Presenting to all gardening enthusiasts the RAILING PLANTER, they no more have to worry about planting space around their surroundings when they can ease their gardening by planting their favorites in the comfortable railing planter that can be hanged upon any railing “trust basket” the first of it’s kind planting and gardening solution company in India introduce you the tough and sturdy balcony bridge planter that can be the most reliable small space planting solution
They are dotted oval railing planters that are tested and proven to be of tough skin, they are durable as they are metallic and they undergo various tests to prove their might before being available for utilization.
The company’s support and service system has received immense appreciation because of their service as they don’t leave any complaints unresolved
They also make sure complete consumer satisfaction for spending their hard earned money.
The hanging planter is made of tough galvanized metal to give full durability as metals are tougher compared to other materials like wood and plastic and the consumer don’t have to worry about rusting as each and every basket is powder coated with amazing corrosion , the basket comes with detachable hooks for the consumer’s convenience as they can easily hang it up and bring it down as per their wish
There hanging planters can be used for both outdoor and indoor gardening
They always add up to the decor of the house as they are beautifully designed, suitable to use, easy to handle and any plant friendly the height of the basket is 5 inches, the length 12.2 inches and width 6 inches and can be hanged upon any railing of width of 2 to 3 inches and are available in various colors. Though initially it with the dotted design, lately multiple variants have been introduced.
These smart plants will make your home look more alive with minimal space requirement.
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