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An innovative Bluetooth tracking device


Before I spill more beans about the product

being introduced, I would like to narrate a small horrifying travel experience that occurred a few years ago while traveling to the Andaman. It was 2015 in my Summer break that I decided to visit these islands, I booked myself an air seat and left Bangalore and after I reached, took a taxi to help myself find a room. It is after checking in that I found my luggage to be missing, after a lot of thinking and recalling where and all I had placed the luggage, I came to know that I had left in the cab on my way to the lodge I felt lost, it was literally hell for me! My only means of survival was my wallet, but I was really worried about all the important things in my bag. All I could do is depend on my luck for the driver to come back and return the bag to me and I decided to wait until the driver arrived next day evening with my bag. I couldn’t thank him less

Even before I could recover from the trauma, I was hoping that something would drop from the sky which would help all such people find their belongings with ease and that evening while searching for something similar, I found this genius innovation “tile mate” tablet device designed by TILE and I instantly ordered one so that I no more had to be worried about not only losing my luggage, but not losing anything else too

Tile , a tracking device manufacturing company came up with the brilliant idea of creating a tracking device that can be easily accessed through any smartphone, just by using the phone, the “tile mate” beeps around us and we can easily trace our belonging and the moment when we are not able to find our phones , just by pressing the button on the device twice , the phone starts ringing even if it is on silent mode , all we have to do is install the tile app on our smartphones and let the devices do their job so that we no more have to keep an eye on all essentials around us.

This device is a universally accepted tracker, don’t we all agree that we are a bit absent minded now and then? This device shall come in handy to all the busy bees out there who tend to forget small essentials such as keys, USB drives etc.

The only reason that the device can be attached to any objections is because of its special size, it isĀ in the size of an average eraser. The device can be easily inserted to the ring of any keychain or it can be dropped into any compartment of our baggage and maybe also useful to keep a track on children of the device can be easily slipped into their pocket and parents have to no more worry about their child being lost.

Tile mate is a Bluetooth connectivity and tracking device that is compatible with almost any smartphone be it any Apple device released after 2011 or any Android having an Android software higher than 6.0.0. The device is very small as mentioned earlier and is of very light weight, it is easily portable and easy to gain access, it uses wireless technology and the users have to not worry about its connectivity. It is the most sophisticated reliable use of simple technology to live a hassle free and tension free life and to reduce our time spent searching small items.

The device is packed of plenty advantages from providing simple protection from thefts of keys to keeping an eye on children and elderly people while the rest of the family enjoy their day out instead of worrying about them and the best part is that the user can be completely sure of their luggage not being stolen during travels.

The price of the product is around 4000rs, which is very economical compared to the other tracing devices of various manufacturers and we think that the price of the device is lesser than the cost of losing our valuables.

It is visible that the product had received anything reviews and the sales prove that the product is one other greatest modern inventions because their product has been sold a whopping 5 million times across the globe which makes TILE the best tracking company


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