The best gadgets revealed in 2017


The year is almost over. As the days are starting to be counted, just around the corner are the festive season. Obviously many users and fans have not waited for the years end to get their hands on the best gadgets released in 2017. Such is the case for the newly released iPhone 10.

When it comes to making a choice, you could ultimately end up not being able to decide. For a type of gadget, you’ll find many different models. Cutting through the confusion, below we’ve listed the best gadgets so far as a certain category is concerned

iPhone x

until recently, the Samsung Galaxy 8 topped the list as best smartphone. With the release of the iPhone x, it takes first place. The smartphone is Apples best and comes with loads of features and a sleek design. A 5.8-inch retina screen, OLED offering stunning colours and stunning contrast, true depth camera including a sensor for facial recognition, 2436 x 1125 screen resolution with 458 pixels.

The iPhone x is an all-new experience with regards to smartphone and a huge leap forward. Elements such as Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the new method of unlocking the phone sets a new direction for the smartphone industry

The LC C7 OLED Series (2017)

This is the best television on the market to date. It’s available in screen sizes 55-inch and 65-inch, OLED technology. The LC C7 has one of the slimmest screens that LG has offered so far. The option for Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection and a webOS smart TV interface which is easily customizable and slick to navigate.

Dell XP13

the best laptop with a 13.3-inch screen, a storage capacity of 128GB – 512GB SSD, it’s faster, incorporates a battery that lasts very long, and has a very slick design. It comes with a 7 generation Intel processor

The XP13 stands out from other laptops with some new innovations and fresh additions. Dell has made it lighter and slimmer making it the thinnest ultrabook, yet it provides a storage capacity of 256 GB, 720p widescreen HD camera, and 3200 x 1800 screen resolution.

Snapchat Spectacles

The spectacles video recording glasses offers an easy setup process and very good video quality. It’s stylish. Although it’s one of a kind, it may need some improvements but certainly a very cool gadget to have

eSight 3

Revolutionary, this is an over-eye visor for blind people. It helps them navigate by using a combined high-definition camera and video play. It does everything from reading to giving directions. eSight has no input lag and it’s a real augmented reality headset.

Nintendo Switch

This time, Nintendo has gotten it perfectly right. The Switch is quite versatile, idiosyncratic, mobile and quite mighty. It can be the only device you need for gaming able to convert from a handheld device with a fantastic graphic to a home console or as a tabletop. Drop it and it bounces, use it to display games on your TV. Nintendo offers a steady stream of games.

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