The best apps for androids and iPhone 2017


There are all types of apps. Software programs have invaded our smartphone spaces to the extent that choices becomes very difficult. You’ll find software apps for photo editing, games,  productivity, etc. Literally, there are millions of apps out there. Sorting out the best apps can be a bit daunting. What’s good for one consumer might not satisfy another, however, a consensus can be reached on what works best based on testimonies and user’s experience.

The best apps for iPhone in 2017

You’ll find a range of different apps either already stored on your new phone or available for purchase. Research conducted by Appannie analytic firm suggest that on average, a person uses about 9 apps daily. If you own an iPhone, you might have noticed that the home screen is nothing but a gateway for apps. From the millions of apps at the App store, here are some that are really essential to have.

  • Plex: It can be downloaded free of charge but the paid version offers more features. Plex is a media server allowing you to enjoy all the  home media from all your device; music videos, TV shows, movies. The software installed on your computer organises all your home media in one place.

  • 1Password: a 30-days free trial, stores all your password and even help you make them stronger. You just need to remember a single password to access all your other passwords. 1Password is a password management system but can also be used for storing other sensitive information such as credit cards, addresses, etc.
  • Fantastical 2: like a small personal assistant, Fantastical 2 is a calendar app with very cool features such as natural language parsing, reminders, creating events. It can actually save you time in organising your schedules.

Other iPhone apps that are worth taking a look at are; Enlight, Scanner Pro, V for Wikipedia, Sky Guide AR, Alto’s adventure, Deliveries, Carrot weather, and Minecraft.

Best Android apps for 2017

Currently available Android apps that are trending include :

  • ExpressVNP: for security and safety on the web. This app will keep you secure in public WI-Fi places. It provides a secure network connection that is super fast and with the highest of encryption technology.
  • 1Weather: as the name suggests, this is the best app for weather forecasting. You can view the current weather and up to 12 weeks forecast. Besides that, you’ll also obtain notification regarding severe weather conditions, storms approaching, etc.
  • Google map: a virtual map that is quite essential for getting around in the city. It includes updates on traffic data for places of interest, direction to shops, restaurants, etc.

Other apps for androids of interest include LastPass password manager, Nova launcher, Pocket casts, Solid Explorer, Swiftkey, and Tasker.

Obviously, app stores are full of apps. Choosing an app will depend essentially on the function you want to accomplish. Regardless whether you have an iPhone or Android apps are being added every single day and what’s trending currently could lose its place for a software app more awesome.

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