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Pet’s real-time tracking monitor


Pet lovers have one more reason to feel at ease about their pets’ whereabouts. Motorola’s new Scout Tracks allows them to have real-time monitoring of their pet’s location. The new device launched a few weeks ago in October is more than just a simple pet tracker.

Besides real-time tracking, the device also provides information regarding the pet’s general health which is what sets it apart from many other similar devices. Not that there is some type of tech innovation in the device, but that it gathers together in a single device feature that would have required two or more devices.

Motorola Scout Tracks, as it is called, like most others devices are attached to the pet’s collar. It’s quite small and convenient such that it fits comfortably on any pet’s collar. The tracker is sturdy and waterproof. It includes GPS tracking and geo-fencing that sends a signal to the dog owner if the dog goes beyond a set zone. With the use of a smartphone, the owner can locate the whereabouts of the dog in real time and receives a signal if the dog wanders off a set perimeter.

The outer layer is made from waterproof silicon rubber and the entire device weighs under 30g. The tracker has a temperature sensor to capture the ambient temperature. The temperature alert sends a signal to the dog owner if the ambient temperature is too hot or cold than the measure set by the owner. The accelerometer uses algorithms to measure and compare against other breeds incorporated inside the app, the level of exercise the dog has undertaken. The G-sensor accelerometer can accurately monitor four different activity levels, sleep, low-intensity activities, medium intensity activities, and high-intensity activities.

Dave Evans, Motorola’s pets general manager, says that “ the inclusion of a temperature sensor is the result of many years of research after having noticed that some breeds of dog struggle in hot temperatures and sadly there have been reports of dogs dying in hot cars”.The features, therefore, of Motorola’s Scout Tracks include:

  • GPS live tracking
  • Temperature alert
  • Escape alert
  • Activity monitoring

The Scout Track’s battery is rechargeable and can last for three days before requiring a recharge. Only about an hour is necessary to be fully charged. In the market, the Scout Track sells for £99.99 and comes with an entire year service plan which is renewable for £35.

Studies undertaken about the pet wearable market indicate that it will be worth $2.5 billion by 2014. The study also shows that adoptions of dogs and cats have been on the increase, especially in the United State. the device can be used on cats, and other pets even on kids.

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