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Keeping your garden healthy with a pest deterrent robot


As much as you would love to give all the care in the world to your garden, you might not have the time or might not understand the mood of your plants. Imagine a sensor that knows when your plants are thirsty and keeps away pests.

Gardenspace is the new 21st-century robot that does all day and night what could have taken you days maybe even weeks to accomplish. It keeps an eye on the garden using a 360-degree swivel cam. Gardenspace looks like a garden gnome but is much more.

Plugged into your water supply and connected to your Wi-Fi, you can control the robot by means of an app. The robot takes pictures of the garden, waters it accordingly. It calculates the water stress and the general health of the garden. A motion sensor detects critters movement and sprays them away. The garden gnome is capable of monitoring up to 100 square feet of garden space.

There is no need to find

a source of energy since it’s solar powered and includes a backup battery for cloudy days. Using the app, you can input what you’re growing in the garden and receive recommendations. As it catalogs the plants, it knows exactly when to water which plants and what quantity. It knows the perfect temperature for each plants and even verifies the soil temperature.

All the information fed into gardenspace derives from an RGB camera, an infrared thermometer, and an infrared camera all mounted on the swiveling head of the robot. The app not only provides vital information to the user about the garden condition but it detects the right moment for planting new vegetables and the right moment to harvest those growing.

The robot was created by four business and technology experts who have a passion for sustainable living. The invention brings agriculture tech to the backyard of residential homes.

Co-founder and CEO, James Deaner, said “any gardener regardless of the level of experience has a need for a robot like gardenspace. Our aim was to build something that simplifies home agriculture and supplements the availability of locally grown sustainable food source”.

At a price of $230, gardenspace can monitor up to 100 square meters equivalent to the production of $700 worth of food. It’s a system that is very easy to set up and only requires Wi-Fi connection and to be linked to a water hose.

Gardenspace technology is used effectively in the agricultural industry but it’s the first time it is being applied to urban agriculture

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