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In a world full of diverse people, technology brings us closer as we share our innovations with friends and foes. It has been an unsaid agreement that no matter what the relations between countries and states are, innovations are always shared with one another, some times in return of financial help and others in return of their very own invention.
Discovery of various forms of energy and invention of ways to use them made homo sapiens a superior race. And, now that we are content, we thrive on luxury.
Generation after generation, intelligence increases and along with it comes, ideas that change lives.
Think of a life without a refrigerator, heater or a microwave oven. It’s not impossible to live without them, but we’d rather choose the easy options, wouldn’t we?
There are a few thousands of innovations that happen every year, usually by the Asians who are the majority, both in population and intelligence.
Let’s look over a few, before we discuss them in detail:
Pet trackers,
Self-stirring mugs,
Pop out outlets,
Heated knives for butter,
Digital highlighters and many more.
Let’s talk about one of these innovative products here.


How many times have you seen the paperback of a book in the library and wished you could paste it directly in your project? How many times have you wished that you could copy whatever was in the thesaurus or encyclopedia to your digital notes? This happens to all of us more often than not. If it was digital to digital transmission, we have numerous software and applications to copy/paste it, but analogue to digital requires more power and human energy.
Hence, the idea of digital highlighter was proposed. Often known as scan marker or pen scanner, these come in handy when you need them. All you have to do is glide it over a specific sentence/paragraph and then you can connect it in the same way you connect external ports to your desktop, laptop or tablets.
Advantages of these digital highlighters can be seen in the fields of education, workplaces and everywhere where conversion of data is required.
Not only are there products reliable and occupy less space, but they are relatively cheap when you compare to how useful they are. As of now, these digital highlighters are available on almost all shopping websites and shopping enterprises in most developed Asian and European countries. They still have to be put out for wholesale and retail sales in the market. Looking at the continuous improvement of sales and stocks for the production companies, we shouldn’t be surprised if they are very soon released in today’s markets and available like any other highlighter.

There are so many more innovative products that are being made everyday but only around half the number are put out in markets and sold on a consistent basis due to numerous problems,financial and various. And awareness of their uses would probably help their sales and hence benefiting the consumers and traders a great deal.

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