Innovative Products Part – 2

Hush - The Smart Earplugs


Centuries after centuries, decades after decades, we evolved and changed from Homo Neanderthals to Homo Sapiens, we’ve come a long way. All thanks to our million dollar thinking units called brains. Discovering new ways to survive and inventing new ways to be comfortable has always come in handy when we need it the most. May it be the RO Purifier or a polaroid, the uses of science is vast.

Innovation is the best thinking of a group of people, scientists or even a single person at times to contribute to the society, another shot at making things easy.

Desktops are very useful, but laptops are better. Day by day, we make progress in making things better and easy.

Innovation of a new product takes a surplus amount of time and patience which not everybody has. Every innovative product that we use today is the result of that patience. All these products are probably the fiftieth, the hundredth or even the thousandth prototype which ended up working.

Every day, these scientists put in their best effort to make innovations to make our lives better. As weird as it may sound, their contribution to the society is higher than a lot of the government officials even. For example, Marie Curie did not have to work in a radioactive field for a time so long, that she was diagnosed with cancer, but she did, to contribute to the society and make it a better place.

Let’s talk about a few innovations that have knocked the hats off of people’s heads now:

Jibo, the family robot.

Cocoon, the home security device.

Hush, the smart earplugs.

Yolkfish, the egg separator.

Mars, the levitation speaker by Crybaby;


Speaking about one of these in brief:


Hush, the smart earplugs.

We all know about the Apple earpods which work on virtual connectivity instead of hardware, like wires. Very similar to those earpods are these earplugs which works on the connectivity of its core. The core is a simple programmed cylindrical box which instructs the earplugs.

These earplugs block out the unwanted noise but allows you to hear the wanted noise.

Yes, both of them being noises are going to be disturbing, but let’s face it, some of it are just more important than the others. We can enter what sound we count as wanted and what we don’t in the core which in turn makes the earplugs active.

A day to day example in the life of a new mother who wants to cut off the sound of her husband’s continuous snoring but cannot fall deep into sleep with worry knowing the baby might need something in the night. So here’s the solution, you can enter the baby’s cries or whimpers as the only wanted noise and everything else will be a blur to you.


Innovation is nothing but making all those bizarre dreams come true.

Quoting Athena Tomorrowland, “Dreamers need to stick together, it’s not programming, it’s personal.”

Only if these dreamers stick together, will we see more and more innovations.


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