Fanatics queue up as iPhone x is released


Apple announced earlier this year that it is was soon to release its iPhone x (known also as iPhone 10) to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the device. Orders started on October 27 and the actual selling of the device began on the 3rd of November. As usual, people queued in front of stores to get the new device.

Despite the fact that the new iPhone is the most expensive to date, it didn’t stop iPhone fanatics to queue for days, sometimes even weeks for a chance to be among the first to hold the new device. It seems like Apple has been able to impress its customers with the new release. Some could barely scratch the surface to discover the new tech features included in the device.

Priced at £1000, Apple fans were the least put-off. The anticipation of discovering fantastic new features, enthusiasm and exhilaration reigned among Apple fans. First impressions have already flooded Twitter, mostly positive with comments such as ‘The best iPhone ever’, ‘sleek’. The device can already be found at auction sites

such as eBay selling up to 14 times its original price at £14000

The new phone is nothing like its predecessors and is considered Apples most significant update. One fan was just overwhelmed with the Animoji, A new feature that changes your face into animated characters.

Facial recognition

The iPhone x does not have any home button. Instead, it can be unlocked through facial recognition. It’s the first iPhone to include facial recognition software which, according to fans seems to be very accurate and even recognises faces when wearing glasses.

Wireless charging

Like every Apple product, this is another opportunity for Apple to sell its accessories. The iPhone x futuristic wireless charging features allow the device to be charged only by placing it on a charging mat, but the mat doesn’t come with the phone and has to be purchased separately.

A11 Bionic

The iPhone x is said to be the most intelligent smartphone yet, having a chip A11 Bionic that incorporates a neural engine and can perform up to 600 billion operations per second

Without a home button, Apple has been able to increase the size of the screen edge-to-edge at 5.8 inches. For the first time, OLED technology has been used, it’s HDR compatible, and includes OIS on both lenses.

Already, the iPhone x is being referred to as the Superbowl of iPhone. After 10 years, it’s a long shot far from the previous iPhone’s.

In London, France, Russia, Australia, Japan and many other countries Apple enthusiast are trying out the new device after having waited for days or weeks in queues. Apple’s iPhones bring the most profit to the company. The ambitious goal to reinvent the iPhone is a very bold move by Apple which has been facing increasing competition from rivals.

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