Coolnut solar powered power bank


All travelers wish to complete a regret less journey every time but end up on a sad note most of the times due to some or the other negligence, wish is very saddening.


Modern day travelling is so bound to technology that we all can have a view from the top of the Eiffel tower sitting at our houses , that is the impact of technology in traveling, that is how travelling has become convenient by all the latest inventions.
Coolnut solar powered power banks is one of such fine innovations that is almost every traveler’s dream because no traveler should find inconvenience during their good times . Memories are such an integral part of every travel and technology aids us to store them such as smartphones and other devices which make travels memorable and we all must agree to the fact that all travelers want their smartphones and other devices to completely charged up all the time so that they don’t miss out capturing anything and therefore coolnut solar powered power banks are the best solution an avid Traveler can get , this device as the name suggests is powered by solar energy and also has the facility to be charged by electricity , as there is an option of solar charging , users don’t have to worry about finding an electronic source all the time, all they have to do is find a place with sufficient sunlight and lay down and enjoy their journey .
This device is of 13000  mAh capacity therefore it is heavily loaded and the devices can be charged multiple times depending on the charge intake by the device , this feature is by far the most suitable for trekkers as they can’t find sources for a very long time during their treks.
As told before, this device is solar charged, so it is not only convenient, but user friendly too because as mentioned before the user can enjoy their time while their device is being charged easily.
There best part of this device is that it supports all the smartphones, it is all phone compatible Including the Apple range of phones, it supports a large range of phones, it not only charges smartphones, it can recharge laptops and tablets as well and the device can be charged v from computer systems and car chargers . So this power bank can charge devices and in turn get charged from other devices.
The device is made of li-ion cells so it is completely safe as these are considered and proved to be safe for long term usage and the device is covered by aluminum and ABS material making the device fall proof and shock proof making the device tougher and stronger against all odds. The device has 4 bright LEDs to indicate the battery and the charging status of the device and one large LED in the front that acts like a torch and adds to the already present facilities of the device making it handy to find devices at  dark.
The company makes sure that the device is completely safe and reliable for usage and therefore it is aluminum coated and the auto cut charge feature of this device makes it a first class safe device , the auto charge feature is a feature where the charging of the device stops in case of short circuits , high voltages and over current making it safe not only for the device but the user as well.
The device has disk output facility making it available to charge two devices at a time and at a quick rate as the device uses 24 amps power cable that charges the devices at a very quick rate in a short span of time , the device’s high quality solar panels are proven to be tough and durable and the user don’t have to worry about them breaking.
The company provides one year warranty and the device is available in 2 colors, the price of the product is 1300 rupees and the weight is considerably less for the facilities provided.
Coolnut’s solar powered power bank is a must have for all the travelers .
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