Are traditional methods of ironing being phased out?


There used to be a time when making a phone call required finding a fixed landline, and doing the washing was on washboards. Now smartphones are all over the place and washing machines have replaced washboards making the entire process less tiresome. Ironing has now taken the leap into the tech revolution with automatic ironing machines.

An inventor based in the UK has created the first ever automatic ironing machine. Effie as it’s called is completely automatic doing away with traditional ironing methods completely. It only takes a few minutes to hang one or at most 12 garments inside and let the machine work.

How it works

Effie dries and irons cloth. You can take clothing straight from the washer and place them inside Effie. The machine uses a pressing system that simultaneously dries and irons with the end result being that the clothes come out without wrinkles and ready to wear. It comes with 12 adjustable hangers for all sizes of clothing.

Another seeming revolution in ironing procedures is that the machine will iron all types of material simultaneously. Silk, cotton, viscose, polyester, and denim can be placed inside together without worry.

A small tank is filled with water and you can add scent if desired, then press start. In just under 3 minutes everything is ready. The entire procedure can tracked with the use of a smartphone to know when it’s ready.

What inspired the inventors of Effie to come up with the idea is not know, but engineers Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth (both 27) response is that “ ironing sucks, it’s a waste of time and cannot be performed accurately”. But Mr. Kamdar added that he wanted to take the pain out of ironing and that his mother used to do the ironing for him and now married, he would not dare ask his wife who is a full-time doctor to do the ironing.

According to Rohan and Trevor, they have many different designs for the product and a variety of prototypes. The choice of the name says the engineers is quite geeky. They came up with it thinking of the metal iron initial in the periodic table ‘Fe’.

To come up with the final product, they used acrylic laser cutting, 3-D printers, and plastic moulding machines. Effie measures 128 cm high (50”), 80 cm wide (31”) and 40 cm deep (16”). Mr. Kerth is originally from the United State and obtained an engineering degree from the University of California in San Diego. He has a background in designing and in developing medical devices. Mr. Kamdar studied engineering at Cambridge University.

For the moment, the world first domestic ironing machine has not yet reached the market. Rumours have it that Effie could be available for order at a price of £699 starting next March

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